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  • Looking Beyond PTSD: Are We Ready for Our Returning Heroes? by Adriana Rodriguez, LCSW, Coordinator and Master Trainer of Home Again.  Thirty three percent of veterans are affected by PTSD or depression or have reported expsoure to traumatic brain injury while two-thirds of veterans returning from war come home able to rejoin the workforce or finish up their education. The stigma that all soldiers or the vast majority of veterans are "broken" in some way hinders their ability to reintegrate into society. People react to similar situations in different ways therefore labeling someone who is or was in combat as "damaged" further stigmitizes them as an individual and attributes to dissuading the 16% of veterans with some form of combat-related mental illness from seeking help. Adriana and Home Again reteach providers of services to the military population how to approach this community in a culturally sensitive way.
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  • How Stigma Interferes with Mental Health Care by Patrick Corrigan of the University of Chicago“ One of the reasons for this disconnect is stigma; namely, to avoid the label of mental illness and the harm it brings, people decide not to seek or fully participate in care.” In this clinical dissertation, the idea that stigma prohibits people from seeking help is discussed. There are social aspects to hiding a mental health issue as well as economic, developmental, and career considerations that many people—consciously or unconsciously—take into consideration before deciding whether to treat, or even diagnose, a mental illness.

  • The likelihood of an American having or developing a mental illness during their lifespan is almost 50% yet books, television and movies often times play into the violent, non-relevant aspects in stereotyping characters have it. JBFCS' Julie Kipp and Hillel Hirshbein discuss the negative connotation the media perpetuate of those with a mental illness.

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