What is Confronting Structural Racism?

Confronting Structural Racism (COR) is a framework that addresses racism in all aspects of our institution, our staff and our practice. COR, formally launched in 2004, emanated out of our anti-racist model by a diverse team of agency leaders, which included former CEO of JBFCS Alan Siskind, PhD; Paul Levine and Mary Pender Greene, LCSW-R, ACSW. COR is committed to moving beyond multiculturalism and diversification to tackling organizational racism embedded in our institutions. 

The aim of COR is threefold: 

1) To identify institutional bias entrenched in organizational structure.

2) Work to support structures of equity here at JBFCS. 

3) Ensure that the clinical theories and social service delivery models that guide our direct work with clients are understood and practiced through the lens of antiracism.

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