Feb. 15, 2013 at 9:32am
A Book Lover's Night

Publishing veteran Will Schwalbe surprised many in the book business when he resigned as editor-in-chief of Hyperion Books in January 2008, hinting only vaguely at future plans. What they didn’t know was that his mother had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the previous fall. 

In The End of Your Life Book Club, Schwalbe writes about his mother’s life and death through the prism of the things they read together.  On January 22 we were lucky enough to meet with the author at a special event in support of our Jewish Community Services Divisional Board and the many programs JCS runs.  

Forty guests met with Will at the home of Jenny Lyss (trustee and Divisional Board co-chair) for a reception, reading, and discussion about this new memoir. Will’s remarks ranged from questions of courage to the importance of palliative care, and of course, the legacy that his mother left behind.

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