Jun. 21, 2012 at 2:47pm
Human Rights Campaign Puts JBFCS in Top Echelon of Jewish Organization Equality Index

JBFCS has been ranked among the top Jewish Service Agencies in the country for our integration of LGBTQ cultural competency.  As the former head of our LGBT task force and Director of Home Again Caroline Peacock said:  “It strikes me that this sort of initiative is in the same spirit that the original JBFCS agency was founded on: meeting the needs and recognizing the value of the marginalized in society. What a privilege it is to be on the right side of history yet again.”  
According to the Human Rights Campaign, our ranking demonstrates that “organizational LGBT diversity and inclusion efforts are integrated into everyday functioning of the organization.”  As CEO of our great agency, I am extremely proud of all of our staff who devoted many years to working on these issues.  We are clear on the fact that all people in our care deserve to feel safe, secure, and understood.  We have gone at this through our training curriculum, leadership, and political advocacy and human resources policies.   

In particular, I would like to thank the following individuals for their extraordinary work on these issues:  Antonia Barba and co-chair Rhea Segal for their work on the LGBTQ task force; Paula Panzer’s work on MKSEI with exceptional curriculum development by  Christina Grosso and Caroline Peacock; Faye Wilbur, Deborah Zicht, Robin Brinn and David Ferguson for their leadership in designing and providing specialized clinic services; Simkha Weintraub for his guidance; Carmen Collado for her advocacy with elected officials; and Lenny Rodriguez, the first agency leader to stand up and say we have to do more for LGBTQ children in our care--"RTF guidelines are now in place throughout JBFCS.  

Thanks to your efforts, services, and employment practices related to LGBT, diversity and inclusion will remain a high priority issue for JBFCS for many years to come.

To learn more about HRC, go to www.hrc.org.

So glad to read your remarks and hear about the good, important work your organization is doing. I especially think that going at it through training, leadership and advocacy is key. Keep on being a role model for other organizations in providing a safe, secure and compassionate environment for those in your care as well as those working for the organization.

Left by Gloria Pressman | Jun. 26, 2012 at 10:31am

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