Sep. 20, 2012 at 11:16am
A Jewish New Year Resolution

If you don’t vote, you let someone else decide. JBFCS is heavily invested in the political process, whether we like to think of it like that or not. Over three quarters of our funding for services comes from the government, and we are highly regulated by government agencies. Five years ago I made the decision to establish a Public Policy and Government Relations Department, partly because I knew we needed to lobby for positions and defend the rights of our clients above all else, and partly because I knew we needed to be up close, personal and early when it came to decision making in Albany and Washington.   

Voting is your personal responsibility and it seems to me that it’s our  clinical & community responsibility as well. Our clients are often just those people who are the most disenfranchised, the most underrepresented. The stigma they face daily is debilitating at best, whether because of race, mental illness, disability, poverty or limited access.  Go ahead and be an agent for change. Get people registered. Get people to the polls. Get people to pull the lever. And the best way to get others to register and vote is to do it yourself.  

This is not a message about a particular political position. Let me be very clear about that. It is, however, a message I feel passionate about and that gets to the core of who we are as an agency - as people devoted to helping others. It also happens to be my message for the Jewish New Year, as we look to make the coming year even better than the one we leave behind. 

Here at Kaplan House we have been on a voters registration blitz!! getting all residents able to vote registered. We feel it is not only ones right to vote but we see it in a sense as a rights of passage for residents. Our message is teaching them that the power of their vote can help to empower them as well as shape their future. Mr. Levine said it best "If you don't vote you let someone else decide" Exercise your RIGHTS!!!

Left by Ralph Peterson | Sep. 29, 2012 at 1:45pm

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