we need your help.

Your gift in support of JBFCS closes an ever-increasing gap between our revenues and the needs of our clients. Your gift means the difference between providing too few services to too few people---and truly meeting the growing needs of our community.

You can be a catalyst for good.

JBFCS serves more than 35,000 New Yorkers each year through our comprehensive community-based programs, day treatment centers and residential facilities. We need you to help make it happen.

  • Provide services for a disabled child locked in her own world.
  • Extend a hand to a troubled teen who feels nobody understands.
  • Offer healing and hope to a woman scarred by abuse.
  • Provide counseling for a soldier returning from combat.
  • Supply respite care for a family caring for an adult with disabilities.

JBFCS accepts gifts in the form of checks mailed directly to our office, on-line credit card transactions, wire transfer, or the sale of marketable securities. JBFCS does not, as a rule, accept gifts in kind.


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