Shop Online and Support JBFCS

There are two important ways that you can shop to show your support for JBFCS.

Buy Branded Merchandise at Our Webstore
Show your support for JBFCS with an assortment of exciting and useful branded merchandise available at our webstore.
  • Decorate your desk with a JBFCS coffee mug
  • Wear a stylish JBFCS t-shirt
  • Carry your books and purchases in a handy JBFCS cloth bag
  • Rehydrate after exercise with a JBFCS-branded SIGG water bottle
  • Sip your coffee from a JBFCS ceramic travel mug
  • and more!

All proceeds from the sales will benefit our programs and services.

Shop For Charity

Because of the support they received from a number of non-profit charities, including JBFCS, parents of a child in our Therapeutic Nursery channeled the autism-related challenges presented by their adorable son (now 4 years old) into the creation of an on-line shopping network that guarantees that 10% of the proceeds go to charity.

Shop for Charity

Shop for Charity started with just 10 charities and a limited list of products. Now, the business has grown and you can buy just about anything you need----and help JBFCS at the same time. Visit to start shopping!


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