Volunteer?!?! Who has the time?

November 23, 2012

Who has time to volunteer? YOU. It takes less time than you think!

Volunteerism is at the cornerstone of almost any great non-profit. The members of our divisional and trustee boards donate their time and energy the same as a Big Brother/Big Sister or Clerical Volunteer. The amount of time needed to accomplish the enormous impact of our volunteers would be a lot less than one would think. All it takes is a couple of hours. 

Opportunities vary from one-time involvement to several times a year or even just a few hours a month. Sanctuary Stitchers are a prime example of those with a couple of hours to commit who knit at their own pace either here with the group or on their own creating blankets for women and children living with us. Friends of JBFCS is another. Young professionals give back by doing hands-on projects with our clients and staff a few hours a month or 8 times a year typically on Sundays. Learn more about volunteering with us: volunteer@jbfcs.org

Here are other instances of Volunteer Leadership Engagement

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