JBFCS offers ongoing externship training to graduate students matriculated in doctoral programs in clinical and school psychology. Placements are available in various agency programs, for two or more days per week, depending on the needs of the externs and the particular facility. Applications will be accepted beginning on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. 

JBFCS has a century-long tradition of providing treatment to individuals experiencing a wide variety of problems from chronic mental illness or severe developmental disabilities to normally functioning people struggling with the ordinary stress of life.  

Our externship program exists in a rich interdisciplinary context, with externs enjoying a highly professional and diverse working environment.

The psychology externship program is one piece of the wider training program offered by the agency to social workers and psychologists at various levels of professional development. There is an APA approved internship for doctoral students enrolled in APA approved clinical psychology programs.

We offer externship training to graduate students matriculated in doctoral programs in clinical, school or combined clinical-school/child psychology. Externships at JBFCS are appropriate for students who will be in their third or fourth year of graduate study during the training year. Students whose training ends with a Master’s Degree or Professional Diploma will not be considered for the externship program.

Eligible students have completed at least one externship/placement prior to applying to JBFCS. They are expected to have completed course work in cognitive and projective testing and to have had some experience, even if only in a non-clinical setting, in administering a full test battery and preparing a written report. Course work on child development, psychopathology, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and family therapy has generally been part of the externs’ graduate school experience, as well as some, often limited, therapeutic work with clients.

All applicants must have the approval of their department chairperson or training director. 

Our latest brochure is available in pdf format.  

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