Director: Susan Paula, Ph.D.

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Martha K. Selig Educational Institute

The Martha K. Selig Educational Institute is the training and education center of The Jewish Board, New York City's largest health and social services agency.

Selig Institute trainers are community practitioners who merge academic expertise with practice-based wisdom to create smart, flexible, hands-on trainings. This synergy brings the best of mental health and human service knowledge to the professionals we train and the clients we serve. The Jewish Board's professional development program is enhanced through the use of trauma, diversity and antiracism lenses. These professional lenses help clients and staff assess the assumptions they bring to family and therapeutic relationships.

The Selig Institute serves both The Jewish Board staff and the broader mental health and human service community. The Institute meets the needs and challenges of today's practitioners through abroad range of educational programs, which consist of specialized, advanced training seminars; topical on-site and on-line workshops; community lectures and conferences, internship placements and, on occasion, collaborative research initiatives. In addition, we design and conduct customized training programs to meet the needs of particular organizations.

Chartered by the New York State Board of Regents, the Selig Educational Institute offers courses with official certificates of completion and continuing education credits. We update our roster of educational programs in response to consumer feedback.

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