Children & Adolescent Services

All children need a protective, supportive and nurturing environment geared around learning to feel safe, to thrive and develop successfully into adulthood. Our work is designed to address these issues with sensitivity and outstanding clinical expertise.

Close to 400 young people call The Jewish Board home every night of the year. Hundreds more, who are developmentally disabled, severely autistic, emotionally troubled or sexually abused, are helped by us every day. Our use of the Sanctuary® Model of care addresses the trauma so prevalent in our children’s lives. Children and teens can fall through the cracks easily. At The Jewish Board, we work hard to make sure that does not happen.

Visit the Hawthorne Cedar Knolls Union Free School for information on the educational component of our Hawthorne Cedar Knolls residential program.

Make a difference for our kids by visiting and fundraising for our residential program.


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