Institute for Infants, Children, & Families

Institute for Infants, Children & Families (IICF) implements model services for preschool children with documented effectiveness on site in communities; specialized, advanced training in state-of-the-science approaches with infants, toddlers and prescholers for professionals from across disciplines; with specialized focus on services for young children experiencing traumatic stress and for those with developmental challenges.


Institute for Infants, Children and Families (IICF) Services: Early Childhood and Learning, Institute for Infants, Children, & Families, Professional and Leadership Development
34 West 139th Street
New York, NY 10037 (map

Phone: (212) 690-7234
Fax: (212) 690-0969
Offers a range of model infant and early childhood services; advanced training which integrates practices from across the professions; consultation; and on-site consultation and training for diverse programs which serve babies and children, reaching at-risk children and their parents, especially those living in poverty, across all relevant systems.

Relationships for Growth & Learning (RfGL) -- [formerly Early Childhood Group Therapy Program (ECGT)] Community-based screenings and intervention services for children in diverse preschools, including daycare, Head Start and UPK, to provide a safety net for young, vulnerable and diagnosable children ages 2 through 9. Work with families, teachers and schools to improve their responsiveness to children's needs. Coursework, seminars and reflective supervision anchor RfGL's transdisciplinary certificate training program. 

Judicial & Child Welfare Consultation & Training Project: Provides training and consultation to enable Family Court judges, lawyers and child welfare personnel to make sound placement decisions through enhanced understanding of early child development and attachment principles.

Training & Consultation Network (TCN): Continuing education, consultation, and technical assistance for programs that serve pregnant parents and young children through age six and their families for PhDs, MSWs, MDs, educators, nurses, OT, PT, SL/P arts therapists to advance their clinical and leadership skills in working with infants, young children and their families. Trauma Services for babies, toddlers and preschool children at 139th Street office.

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