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Learning Resource Network (LRN) is a unique consultation resource where parents, caregivers and professionals can find solutions to questions about learning and child development. It is our belief that parents are their child’s primary advocate, and we equip them with the knowledge and techniques necessary to work on their child’s behalf.

Our team of professionals thinks progressively to identify options, develop creative interventions and utilize available resources. We collaborate with family members and professionals involved in the child’s life in order to strengthen skills and enhance social supports. LRN receives over 500 calls from families each year.

Telephone Consultation – LRN’s primary function is to provide free, in-depth phone consultation to parents and professionals seeking solutions to their child’s learning and developmental needs. As a result of funding from the UJA-Federation of New York, LRN can also help parents concerned about their child’s mental health through our new Mental Health GPS program. We provide a supportive and confidential atmosphere for parents to talk through the difficulties that they are facing. Because we have an unbiased perspective, we are able to help clarify the issue at hand and strategize on what steps to take next.

Face-to-Face Consultation – Certain cases require additional follow up to determine the most appropriate intervention. Face-to-face consultations are available in our office for parents to meet with our staff of psychologists and social workers. School observations are also available. There is a fee for these services, and families may be eligible for a scholarship.

Thinking Children Newsletter – This thematic newsletter provides information on topics relating to child development and learning. Through research-based articles, vignettes and practical advice, our child development psychologists help parents, caregivers and professionals tackle everyday issues.

For more information, download our Learning Resource Network One-Pager (in PDF format).


Learning Resource Network (LRN) Services: Early Childhood and Learning, Learning Resource Network
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Phone: (212) 632-4499
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For more information, download our Learning Resource Network One-Pager (available in PDF format) 

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