New York Jewish Healing Center

The New York Jewish Healing Center’s aim is that no Jew be alone during the difficult transitions of illness and loss — that our tradition’s wisdom be accessible and meaningful, and our communities be able to respond. We help Jews of all backgrounds, the affiliated and unaffiliated, and those with different approaches to Jewish life.

In 1991 the Jewish Healing Center was established to provide workshops, counseling, and groups. In 1995, the Center organized its efforts into a National Center for Jewish Healing (NCJH), which promotes healing programs around the country, and the New York Jewish Healing Center (NYJHC), which provides support to over 850 individuals a year. Since 1997, the NYJHC has been a program of the Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services.

Our staff includes rabbis, social workers and those who have degrees in both fields. We also engage rabbis and social workers from the community to co-facilitate groups, workshops and seminars.

Jewish healing is the use of Jewish tradition and community to achieve a sense of spiritual wholeness, comfort, or perspective in the face of illness, pain, or loss. When serious illness or the death of a loved one confronts us, we face many challenges and sometimes unexpected emotions and spiritual questions.

Growing out of our history of supportive care by members of the Jewish community, NYJHC offers a range of support and informational services, including:

Jewish Spiritual Counseling which helps Jews through difficult times by drawing on Jewish stories, rituals, practices, and insights relevant to their needs and interests. This short-term counseling is provided by experienced rabbis who are also certified social workers.

Jewish Support Groups for patients, family members, health care professionals and bereaved Jews.

Current support groups include:

Sustaining Our Spirits — a twice-monthly group meeting for Jews living with serious illness.
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9/11 Bereavement Support Group — for Jews who lost a loved one on 9/11; meets twice monthly.

M'kom Shalom — a monthly group for survivors of a close one's suicide.
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Parents Who Lost a Young Child — monthly, ongoing group.
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Parents Who Lost an Adult Child — monthly, ongoing group.
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Training Institutes and Seminars, Workshops and Conferences for rabbis, cantors, health-care professionals and bikur cholim volunteers

Publications including prayer cards, personal testimonies and holiday thoughts, for study, reflection, inspiration and support. [Listed at the National Center for Jewish Healing]

Consultation to clergy, health care and mental health professionals who need assistance with specific cases or general information about Jewish healing and Jewish spiritual resources.

Information and Referral to help individuals and families utilize the rich Jewish and health care resources of New York.

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