Support Programs for Single-Parents and the Recently Divorced

These programs were created through a partnership between JBFCS and the JCC in Manhattan, and are currently offered at the JCC in Manhattan and at Park Slope Jewish Center in Brooklyn. We serve individuals and agencies throughout New York City.

Divorce Support

The program’s mission is to reach out to and sustain Jewish community members at this time of loneliness and potential alienation. Established over 5 years ago in response to the limited resources available in the Jewish community, the program offers inclusive and readily accessible support and guidance for those going through divorce.

Since the program’s inception, we have served over 850 people, both women and men going through divorce as well as their loved ones who may also be affected, e.g., mothers and fathers, concerned grandparents and other family members. Our programs are sponsored by and for the Jewish community, but we welcome all who would like to join us.

We offer:

  • Seven-session professionally-facilitated divorce support groups
  • Consultation and referral for counseling, psychotherapy, community resources, spiritual partners, synagogue referrals
  • Workshops on topics of interest such as Children and Divorce, Financial Planning, Feeling Comfortable in Court, Dating, Life Planning after Divorce, Meditation, Adult Children of Divorced Parents, and Grandparent Consultation

Genesis Project for Single Parent Families

The Genesis Project was developed in partnership with a focus group of newly single young mothers who felt the need for a sense of community. The group serves parents who are single through divorce, by choice or through the death of a spouse. We also provide services for their children.

The Genesis Project, fondly referred to as GPAC (Genesis Parent Action Committee) by the members, offers a warm inclusive, single parent family community within our larger Jewish community. The group welcomes newcomers on an ongoing basis.

Many GPAC parents have active lives, busy with work, family and friends. Yet, GPAC offers something extra... an oasis where they can connect and learn from other single parents, and where their kids can do the same.

The Genesis Project offers meetings, workshops, and social events for single parents and their children.

  • Regularly scheduled weeknight dinner meetings. Parents discuss issues, socialize and share resources, while the children socialize and discuss issues as they interact with teen mentors and an expressive arts therapist.
  • Workshops on topics of interest such as Building Good Parenting Skills, Having a Life as a Single Parent, Dating as a Single Parent, Time Management, Life Coaching, Workshops for Dads, Celebrating Jewish Holidays and Rituals as a Single Parent Family
  • Social events, such as holiday parties and summer picnics.

Call Judith Levitan, LCSW at 212-632-4500 for more information about these programs.

View the Events page for specific dates and times of upcoming events.

For Professionals

If you are interested in developing a program or workshop for single parent families at your agency, please contact Judith Levitan for consultation and program development.

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