Home Again: Veterans and Families Initiative

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135 West 50th Street
6th Floor
New York, NY 10020

Phone: (212) 632-4485
Fax: (212) 582-1296
Email: cgrosso@jbfcs.org
Web: http://www.homeagainveterans.org


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Service(s): Professional and Leadership Development

The JBFCS Home Again: Veterans and Family Initiative is going into its fourth year as a service provider to the veteran community. Our mission is to provide education that facilitates an understanding of the military as its own sub-culture. Over the past four years we have discovered, alongside community providers and veterans, that when a provider understands the culture of the military--its strengths, values, vocabulary, routines and needs--the idealization or myths of the military are dispelled.

Home Again: Veterans and Family Initiative enables child protective services, clinicians, higher education institutions, and work readiness programs to do their usual work in an enhanced, culturally informed manner that places a priority on veterans and military families. We make this happen by providing Military Cultural Competency education to the community. 

Our training goes a step beyond an introduction to the culture of the military, and addresses the invisible wounds and hallmarks of the most recent wars. We give community providers the tools they need to help veterans and their families successfully cope with reintegration and work towards enhanced competency. Our training team includes a clinician with expertise in evidence-based trauma treatment, and Veteran Peer Advocates who provide narratives of their military experience in order to meet the objectives of the curriculum. 

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