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There is no city in the world more diverse than New York, and JBFCS is an organization as multifaceted as the city we serve. If your life has been touched by any aspect of the work we do here at JBFCS, we would like to hear your story.

Whether you are a volunteer, a staff member, a client or client’s family member, or a community partner, your experience is an important part of our more-than-a-century-long history of helping people in need. If you are interested in sharing your experiences with JBFCS, please submit your story on our convenient online form. If selected, your story will appear on our homepage alongside an image of original artwork created by a client at one of our many programs.

Your inspiring stories will provide a strong testament to the importance of the work we do and the range of our impact. Please share, and help show the world the many ways that JBFCS makes lives better, uplifts communities, and gets help to those who need it.

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