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Big Brother / Sister FAQs

What does it take to be a Big Brother/Big Sister?
Big Brothers and Sisters must be over 21 years old, committed to spending 2-3 hours every other week with a child, and able to make a minimum one-year commitment.

We also have a Jewish Big Brother Big Sister program. This program is similar to our general Big Brother Big Sister program and matches Jewish adults with Jewish youth to foster Jewish identity-- as well as, have a fun, positive mentor to learn from!  

Who are the children in the program?
The children range in age from 7-16 years old. Many of them are from single parent households, and some are currently receiving treatment from JBFCS.

How do you make your matches?
We look at several criteria; your personal interests, your and the child's personality, and special requests from the parents of the little. We also try to minimize travel time.

How long does it take to be matched?
There is a screening process which may take a few weeks or months. It depends on your availability and when the right match is found. 

What kind of program support is there?
Dedicated staff is committed to making the relationship between you and the child as beneficial as possible. There is an orientation after your match meeting with the child, as well as, ongoing support.

What kinds of activities do Big Brothers and Sisters do with their Little Brothers and Sisters?
It depends on the age and interests of the child. It could be playing in the park or going to a museum exhibit, a book store, or a coffee shop. We provide you with no-cost or low-cost ideas for outings. JBFCS provides bi-monthly group activities that our volunteers are encouraged to attend. 

How would I get involved? 
Please contact Dana Mindlin, Community Outreach Coordinator at or at 212-632-4535. Dana will answer any additional questions and will send you a volunteer application. 

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