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Martha K. Selig
 Learn more about the  Educational Institute's  namesake, Martha K.  Selig here.

Professional Training

Since the Martha K. Selig Educational Institute has given social service and mental health professionals the knowledge and skills for meeting new challenges in the communities they serve. Selig Institute trainers are community practitioners who merge academic expertise with practice-based wisdom to create smart, flexible, hands-on courses. This synergy brings the best of mental health and human service knowledge to the professionals we train and the clients we serve. Each year, professionals from agencies throughout the New York metropolitan area seek out the expert training available at the Selig Institute. Custom-designed on-site training enables the Institute to meet organizations’ specialized needs. Online courses make JBFCS’s expertise available to students beyond the New York area. This respected professional training institute, chartered by the New York Board of Regents, is well qualified to disseminate our innovative curriculum across the nation.

The JBFCS Rita Markus Training Institute provides training and support towards professionalization and staff development for workers and supervisors inside JBFCS and in the larger social work/mental health community. The Institute was founded in 1999 and has a strong commitment to those working with children in residential settings. In addition, training is offered for staff working in other milieu settings (schools, adult residences) and for a broad range of community programs and practitioners. The Institute has provided training to over 18,000 people since its inception and has developed certificates in child care professionalization, safety and crisis de-escalation, excellence in supervisory practice, and management practices.

The JBFCS Center for Trauma Program Innovation actively disseminates knowledge about state-of-the art trauma services and evidence based treatment approaches throughout New York City and New York State. Since its founding in 1998, it has developed innovative programs that address interpersonal, community and societal violence and the impact of disasters and terrorism. The Center promotes the development of new trauma services for children and their families, both on the local and national level. In the last 3 years it provided more than 640 hours of trauma training to over 5,000 professionals from both JBFCS and community agencies and schools.

CTPI has two distinct functions. (1) Training, Program Development, Capacity Building and Consultation and (2) Direct Programming.

The 2 areas have overlap. Under direct programming we have 2 Initiatives. The first is the Children's Loss and Bereavement Program for the city. (Staff contacts for that are Antonia Barba and Deborah Langosch). The second is the Kincare Program in Brooklyn, staff contact Deborah Langosch.

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